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No matter which area of your garden is hungry for a nutrient boost; your lawn, beds, baskets, pots, fruit trees and veg patch – our range of 100% natural and peat-free products are the perfect partner for any gardener. Made at our farm in Somerset, they are part made with the by-product of renewable energy production – great for the garden, the environment and addressing climate change. All RocketGro products are completely free from animal products.

Peat-Free Seed & Cutting Compost


Seed & Cutting Organic approved compost  blend ready to plant straight into. Great for seed sowing, cuttings, seedlings, pricking out and young plants. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost


Finest Multi-Purpose Organic approved compost blend ready to plant straight into. Great for pots & planting out, for window boxes, planters, containers and baskets, and as a follow on compost. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Natural Lawn Feed & Dressing


Feed your lawn for 3 months with one spreading of our all natural Organic approved lawn feed made from plant material. A chemical free fertiliser that you spread by hand. Covers 10m2. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Soil Improver


All year round Organic approved soil conditioner and soil health improver. Revitalises tired soil. Boosts yield and nourishes your beds and pots naturally. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Natural Mulch


Use our Peat-free Organic approved Magic Mulch for beds and borders as a surface mulch no dig natural weed suppressant. Makes beds look healthy, neat and lush. Adds significant nutrients and fibre for soil health. 50 Litre.

Peat-Free Fruit & Veg Compost


Fruit & Veg Organic approved compost, ready to plant straight into. Completely chemical and animal product free. More yield and healthier produce! Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Ericaceous Compost


Ericaceous Organic approved compost, ready to plant straight into. Perfect for Acid soil loving and shade loving plants, like Rhododendrons & Blueberry! Peat-free. 50 litre.

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Peat-Free Tree & Shrub Compost


Organic approved compost blend ready to plant straight into. Great for pots & planting out in beds and borders. For planting Shrubs, Trees and Hedges. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Tomato & Veg Planter


Our RocketGro Tomato & Veg Planter is a completely natural growbag, and at 60 litres, the biggest growbag on the UK market! Peat-free, Organic approved and with a super deep extra large fill a winner for grow your own!

Peat-Free Liquid Plant Food

£6.99 – £12.99

Give your plants, veg and flowers an added Organic N:P:K 4-2-6 boost at any time of the year with our natural liquid plant food for Organic growers. A microbe rich concentrate in1 litre and 2.5 litre sizes that makes up to 125 watering cans!

Wildflower Seed Mix Bumblebee Favourites


Wild Flowers bring an added vibrancy to all gardens, and provide bees with the food they need to thrive. 8 native British wildflower varieties in every pack!

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