Your Garden

No matter which area of your garden is hungry for a nutrient boost :- your lawn, beds, baskets, pots, fruit trees and veg patch -our range of 100% natural and Peat-free products are the perfect partner for any gardener. Made at our farm in Somerset, they are part made with the by-product of renewable energy production – great for the garden, the environment and addressing climate change. All RocketGro products are completely free from animal products.

Peat-Free Seed & Cutting Compost


Seed & Cutting Organic compost extra fine blend ready to plant straight into. Great for seed sowing, cuttings, seedlings, pricking out and young plants. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost


Finest Multi-Purpose Organic compost blend ready to pot straight into. Great for pots & potting out, for window boxes, planters, containers and baskets, and as a follow on compost. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Luscious Lawn Feed


Feed your lawn for 3 months with one spreading of our all natural Organic lawn feed made from plant material. A chemical free fertiliser that you spread by hand. Covers 10m2. Peat-free. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Soil Improver


All year round Organic soil conditioner and soil health improver. Revitalises tired soil. Boosts yield and nourishes your beds and pots naturally. 50 litre.

Peat-Free Magic Mulch


Use our Peat-free Organic Magic Mulch for beds and borders as a surface mulch no dig natural weed suppressant. Makes beds look healthy, neat and lush. Adds significant nutrients and fibre for soil health. 50 Litre.

Peat-Free Tomato & Veg Planter


Our RocketGro Tomato & Veg Planter is a completely natural growbag, and at 60 litres, the biggest growbag on the UK market! Peat-free, Organic and with a super deep extra large fill a winner for grow your own!

Bumblebee Wildflower Seed Mix


Wild Flowers bring an added vibrancy to all gardens, and provide bees with the food they need to thrive. 8 native British wildflower varieties in every pack!

Peat-Free Plant Food

£6.99 – £11.99

Give your plants, veg and flowers an added Organic boost at any time of the year with our completely natural liquid plant food for Organic growers. A concentrate in1 litre and 2.5 litre sizes that makes up to 125 watering cans!