Meet our specialist team of gardeners and growers, helping us to educate more people on the importance of peat-free, sustainable growing.

We are proud to introduce our team of RocketGrowers. Between them they offer wealth of knowledge, passion and reach to help us educate more people about the importance of organic, sustainable growing.

They come with a diverse range of gardening and growing backgrounds with different expertise. All of our RocketGrowers are unique but one thing that connects them is their passion for organic growing and sustainability. They are key in helping us achieve our mission and showcase our growing range of organic and peat free products to more people all over the world.

Liam Alderdice

My mission is to regenerate the land and create a sustainable food system

Kirsty Ward

I am a self confessed allotment and Dahlia fanatic – documenting my gardening journey down on my allotment in Lincolnshire

Steph Young

I love spending time in the garden, at the allotment or at Garden Centres and Open Gardens.

George Hassall

I love creating wildlife habitats, growing my own grub, dabbling at landscaping and I’m obsessed with ponds.

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