Organic Chicken Manure 20L


Produced on a neighbouring farm to RocketGro’s Somerset farm, this Manure is high in Nitrogen, and produced by happy hens who have had a free-range life. In powdered form, this is an excellent feed for flower beds and can be dug in or topically applied. It is all natural and Organic. And is a very good addition to any compost mix or blending, pre planting.

Key Benefits:

  • Peat-free
  • Natural and chemical free
  • Weed seed free
  • Excellent provider of Nitrogen fertiliser
  • Will lead to healthier plants and yields
  • Works best with beds & borders and vegetable plots
  • Ideal to blend with compost when planting
  • Ideal to add to a compost mix if making your own compost



Detailed Information

Sourced locally to the RocketGro farm from a farming family we have known for generations. The products gets transported to us over only a few miles which means it has a very low carbon footprint. We then bag it up using 100% green energy produced on our farm from our bio-digestors. Green, local, sustainable, eco-friendly, natural and produced by happy hens.

Using THIS Manure

An average dose for top-dressing soil is 150g per sq m (4½oz per sq yd) for most crops. For greedy vegetable crops use 200g per sq m (6oz per sq yd), but split this into two doses with a four week gap between applications.

Blend with compost when making up a batch for pots and planting out. A handful or 100g per 40L bag of compost will add significant nutrient value. Not suitable for use in soil directly around Ericaceous plants.



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