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RocketGro products are brought to life through the process of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). We feed Rye, Maize, and Grass into our Biogas AD plant, this is then composted down by natural microbes that produce gas. The by-product of this process is the base ingredient for all our products. We also input food waste into another section of the Biogas AD plant to produce gas but this is kept separate from the production of RocketGro products.

Step 1


Rye, Maize and Grass are grown and harvested on our farm in the Somerset countryside across 5500 acres.

Step 2

Creation of Bio-Gas

We feed Maize, Rye and Grass into our anaerobic digestion plant in which they are composted down by
natural microbes. This process produces Biogas and a by-product natural fertiliser called Digestate.

Anaerobic digestion is based on the humble cow and its digestion system: A cow chews on grass which is broken down by enzymes in its saliva. As the grass passes through the four compartments of its stomach natural gases are produced.

Step 3

Powering the UK

The renewable Biogas goes to both a power unit which converts it into electricity to power our farm and our electric vehicles, and it gets pumped directly into the national gas grid powering 8000 homes per day with green energy.

Step 4


The Digestate is separated into a fibre (and a liquid) which we bag up and use as the base ingredient for our Compost products. We then blend this with certified Soil Association approved finely graded composted down green waste, and other substrates, and provide our customers with all natural and Organic approved growing media products.

Our customers use our products in their gardens, vegetable patches and pots, and in doing so are utilising valuable nutrients, reviving tired soils, feeding their plants, and supporting the soil eco-system in a sustainable way.

Step 5

New Harvest

After packaging our Organic approved Compost & Soil Improver products we spread the remaining liquid and fibre onto our fields to grow the next crop of Maize, Rye and Grass, creating a natural and 100% sustainable virtuous cycle.

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