The History

of Rocketgro

Tim and Toby got together to develop RocketGro in 2020! Tim’s family have been farming for over a 100 years, and their beautiful farm based in Somerset started a BioGas generation plant 20 years ago.

Rocket Fuel


For years, the by-product (Digestate) produced by the BioGas plant, has been utilised by surrounding farms as a rich alternative to chemical fertilisers. Nicknamed ‘Rocket Fuel’ in the farming community, it is a powerful natural fertiliser and kind to the environment.

The next step

Accessible to all

Tim decided that it would be great if this wonder product could be accessible to gardeners across the country as a renewable, bio active, environmentally friendly, eco-alternative to what is generally available in garden centres. Tim and Toby made a plan and RocketGro was born!! 

100% Peat-Free

Our Products

We are very proud of all our products, and hope you find their enriching properties a big boost to your garden and plant health. RocketGro is a small business with huge passion and big dreams. Made in Somerset with love! 

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