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Farmers have known for years that microbes are critical for soil and plant health. Current research is revealing even more ways beneficial microbes help cultivated plants. Microbes in the soil and those associated with plant roots provide a multitude of benefits, from improving the nutrient content of our crops to enhancing their resistance against diseases. Microbes in soil are extremely important for plant growth and for the functioning of garden ecosystems.

The digestate in RocketGro products contains these soil health boosting microbes and this generates bio-activity. This in turn means that plants that get exposure to the natural goodness that is inside every bag or bottle of RocketGro products benefit hugely in comparison to being planted in average planting mediums.

Becoming a RocketGrower is embracing the importance of soil health and recognising that healthy soil means healthy plants and therefore more spectacular flowers and a greater yield of fruit and veg. More bio-activity in your soil means a more diverse soil biome, greater worm count and a healthier Organic garden.

All RocketGro compost products naturally contain these microbes, which are completely absent from normal container and potting mixes. These composts add this vital part of the soil-food web into your containers, stimulating better and healthier growth.

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