The core nutrient rich ingredient in our products is the by-product of renewable energy production at our farm in Somerset. Our range of composts, soil improving, soil conditioning and natural fertiliser products are made for outdoor plants and gardens, allotments, containers & baskets. High in organic matter, family, pet and worm friendly and loved by plants & nature. RocketGro products are 100% peat-free bio-active gardening wonder products available from all leading garden centres. Or buy direct from our shop with only £3.33 delivery charge if you spend over £33.

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RocketGro are very proud to be the exclusive providers of compost to the wonderful River Cottage HQ.

Environmentally Friendly

RocketGro Your Garden

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Our 100% Organic approved, chemical free and peat-free composts, soil improvers, mulch and liquid plant feed are the perfect combination for healthy soil and sustained plant growth. No matter what you're growing, support it with RocketGro. Entirely animal product free and natural.


SYNTHETIC Chemical Free

Farmers across Somerset have been spreading our peat-free organic approved products on their land for years, as an eco-friendly, natural fertiliser which has proved as effective as chemical fertiliser without the negatives that using synthetic chemicals have for nature, waterways and wildlife.



Peat and peatlands are hugely important for plants, the wildlife that depend on them, and ultimately us humans too. Peat bogs store vast amounts of carbon, which must be kept in the ground to avoid contributing to climate change. At RocketGro we support peat-free gardening.

We Are Trusted

Soil Association Approved

We are approved by The Soil Association – this means our products are of the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. The Soil Association standards are the most widely used, recognised and trusted Organic standards. Therefore we are approved for Organic growing.

Environmentally Friendly

The by-product of renewable energy production

RocketGro products are brought to life through the process of anaerobic digestion on our farm in Somerset. The core base ingredient in our compost blends is composted down crops. We produce bio-gas from those composted crops that powers 12,500 local homes with green energy. We can guarantee that the RocketGro products you nourish your garden and plants with are completely eco-friendly and 100% sustainable. 

Vegan Friendly

We are very pleased to be working with the Vegan Society to be able to ensure the message is clear about the Vegan friendly status of our product range. We have started with two products that have been Vegan Society certified, and we will go through the process of having the majority of our full range accredited. We know that all our current product range is Vegan Friendly (only our two manure products are not Vegan friendly), and being Vegan Friendly is a great addition to RocketGro’s positive suite of environmental, sustainable, eco, and human positives that we bring to our customers.

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