The by-product of renewable energy production at our farm in Somerset, our range of soil improving, soil conditioning and natural fertiliser products are for indoor and outdoor plants and gardens. They are high in organic matter, family, pet and worm friendly, and loved by nature. 100% Peat free!! Gardening wonder products delivered to your door!!

Environmentally Friendly

RocketGro Your Garden

Your Garden

Our 100% organic, chemical and peat free Magic Mulch and Plant Fuel are the perfect combo for healthy and sustained plant growth. No matter what you're growing, support it with RocketGro. Entirely animal product free.

Magic Mulch

£4.99 – £9.99

Our Magic Mulch is 100% chemical free and perfect for boosting plant health and productivity for veg and flowers. Bulk bags available!

Plant Fuel

£6.99 – £11.99

Give your plants, veg beds and flowers, indoors and outdoors, an added boost at any time of the year with our completely organic liquid concentrate plant feed.


Chemical Free

Farmers across the region have been spreading our digestate liquid and fibres on their land for years, as an eco-friendly, natural fertiliser which has proved as effective as chemical fertiliser without the negatives that using chemicals have for nature and wildlife.


Peat Free

Peat and peatlands are hugely important for plants, the wildlife that depend on them, and ultimately us humans too. Peat bogs store vast amounts of carbon, which must be kept in the ground to avoid contributing to climate change. At RocketGro we support Peat Free gardening.

We Are Trusted

Soil Association Approved

We’re approved by the Soil Association – this means our products are of the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. The Soil Association standards are the most widely used, recognised and trusted Organic standards. Therefore we are approved for Organic growers.

Environmentally Friendly

Generated from renewable energy production

RocketGro products are brought to life through the process of anaerobic digestion on our farm in Somerset. We can guarantee that the RocketGro products you nourish your garden and flowers with are completely eco-friendly. 

Working with Charity

Supporting the Bumblebee

10% of all our profits go to support the fantastic work carried out by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Their work aims to improve bee habitats nationwide and also save endangered bee species. This cause is close to our Somerset farming hearts and values.