Settling into Winter with RocketGro

Monday, 11 December, 2023

Gardening Through Winter

The frosts have arrived in the garden, the winter is really rolling in and the bird feeders are emptying daily. There is something about the garden in winter that I really love, the feeling of resetting and resting alongside the slower paced gardening activities. I feel the garden represents what our bodies and minds need over the seasons, with a busier spring and summer, being outside more getting vitamin D and doing lots of gardening, to slowing down as the colder seasons creep in, taking more time to rest and recuperate ready for the next season starting.

Now is time to allow the garden rest however there are still many jobs you can be completing over winter to get the best from your gardens and allotments in the 2024 season.

The Magic of Mulch?

You may have heard the word mulch a lot lately and may have been wondering what mulching is and why it’s so good?

One of our best products is our Magic Mulch, mulching seems to be in the ‘In’ gardening word at the moment and that’s because mulching is so good for our gardening spaces. Mulching borders, beds, raised beds and the tops of pots and containers will have a positive impact on your garden the following season.

The biggest benefits to mulching are:

Moisture retention- mulching will help retain moisture in the soil. This will help when the warmer season comes in as water will be held below the surface of mulch so any plants in the mulched area will be able to draw up water from the soil below. You can also mulch around the base of plants when you plant them in their final positions, mulching around the base of plants will help retain more moisture and stop it being evaporated off the surface.

Weed suppressant- mulching helps to suppress weeds over the winter and into the spring. You will also find that the re growth of weeds is less when using the mulch and No Dig approach.

Nutrients- adding our Magic Mulch to your garden borders and allotment beds will help add nutrients to the soil and feed your plants for around three months. Its rich in N:P:K 4.4 – 2.3 – 5.6, microbes and natural nutrients.

Helping deter pests- As the mulch settles on the garden in the spring and summer and as the weather warms the mulch with naturally create a harder texture on the top, resulting in less slugs and snails going over it to eat crops.

Finished look – Everyone has their own idea of what a gardening space should look like. If you want to go for a more finished look adding mulch to your gardening borders will create a neat finish as well as adding the other benefits to the soil.

Improving Soil Structure

Soil improver – The autumn and winter is a great time to improve your soil structure in your beds and borders. Our Soil improver is the perfect product to either dig through beds that need improving. Heavy clay, sandy or loamy soil can be improved by digging the soil improver through. It will also add nutrients and help to retain moisture in the soil. Our soil improver can be added to any potting mix for an extra boost too.

Planning ahead

As the winter slows down the physical gardening jobs this is a great time to plan our what you are growing next season, to order seeds and plan where you might be planting crops and flowers in your gardens and allotments. Peat Free growing can prove a little more difficult as we all move to trying new products to get the best out of growing our own from seed. At RocketGro we spent a lot of time perfecting out Seed & Cutting blend of peat free compost. we have had incredible germination results on site and customer feedback. With such incredible results River Cottage HQ have endorsed our products. So, get your Growing season off to a flying start with our Seed & Cutting Compost and browse our new range of Organic Seeds to compliment your compost order.

We love to provide as much information about our product and how to use them, so if you want to learn more about our products at RocketGro you can follow us over on


Keep your eyes peeled for our new launch of products in January 2024
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