Peat-Free Planter and 1 Litre Plant Feed Bundle


Our RocketGro Peat-Free Tomato & Veg Planter is a completely natural growbag, and at 60 litres, the biggest grow bag on the UK market! RocketGro have carried out extensive trials to make sure our growbags are the optimum growing medium for all your Tomato, Fruit, and Veg growing needs. Slow feeds your plants with natural N:P:K at 3-1-2, and packed with micro-nutrients including Magnesium & Sulphur. Use indoor and outdoor. For seeds, cuttings & pricking out seedlings start in our Seed & Cutting Compost first.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% chemical free and Peat-free
  • 100% Organic approved
  • Slow feeds plants for 3 months
  • Packed with bio-active microbes
  • Size 1030 x 320 x 100 mm’s
  • Extra large 60 litres deep fill
  • Great for growing veg, and tomato’s




We have combined a rich blend of our soil improver with the finest all natural certified locally sourced green compost to give your plants a fibre rich, balanced nutrient feed, and supportive structure that will give the roots of your plants the perfect start and continues to slow feed your plants for 3 months. Our Soil Improver is made up of composted down Maize, Rye, and Grass, animal product free, chemical free & Vegan friendly for Organic growers.

What can you grow in the bag?

Fruit, vegetables, and of course Tomato's! We love growing tomato plants in our grow bags. The depth and quantity of product in our bags makes them the perfect growing environment for strong root development, and strong stems that will produce a bright rich vibrant sweet and juicy tomato crop. Another plant that requires garden cane support are beans, and our grow bags are ideal for these plants as well. Everything you grow in the grow bag needs to be planted into it with a decent plug of starter compost, do not transfer in bare root.





When growing tomato plants in this grow bag, remember to plant them with enough spacing in between each plant. As the plants grow and reach around 20 cms in height, begin to support them with canes, and gently and loosely tie the plants stems to the canes. This will allow them to grow up, and give enough space for the air and bees to pollinate your flowers. Always feed your plants in a grow bag. Use our Plant Fuel liquid feed to produce a better yield. Do not over water.

We are Trusted

We’re approved by the Soil Association – this means our products are of the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. The Soil Association standards are the most widely used, recognised and trusted Organic standards. Therefore we are approved for Organic growers.

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