Guide to peat-free compost

Peat-free compost – Our expert guide to growing peat-free

Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

Dig into our expert guide to becoming an eco-friendly gardener by switching to peat-free products.

Peat-Free compost

Before peat-free

Before the peat-free organic composts became available, most gardening products contained peat. Peat is a naturally occurring moss and plant material that grows in acidic bogs covering 3% of the Earth’s surface. 


Peat compost was popular in the middle of the 20th century, when there was little understanding of the impact peat extraction had on the environment and global warming.


While peat moss might be great for your garden, harvesting it releases carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. More on this later. 


Unfortunately the same amount of peat-based products are still being consumed and as long as there is a demand, peat will continue to be extracted. 


That’s where peat-free compost comes in… 

Peat-Free compost 2

What is in RocketGro peat-free products?

RocketGro’s products are made using a by-product from renewable biogas energy. By turning a waste product into peat-free organic gardening products, RocketGro’s manufacturing process is completely renewable in a way other peat-free products are not.  


Sounds too good to be true? Let’s dive in…


  1. Grow and harvest 
    • Our 5000 acre farm set in the gorgeous Somerset countryside grows and harvests rye, maize, and grass. 
  2. Creating Biogas
    • The rye, maize, and grass is fed into the digestion plant where they are composted by natural microbes to make biogas. The by-product of this process is digestate, a natural fertiliser. 
  3. Powering the UK
    • Biogas is converted to electricity that powers the farm, our electric vehicles and then is pumped to the national gas grid. This powers 8000 homes per day with completely renewable energy.
  4. Digestate
    • The by-product digestate is separated into liquid and fibre. This fibre is the core ingredient for our peat-free compost, mixed with high grade green waste that is Soil Association approved. 
  5. New Harvest
    • The remaining liquid and fibre is spread onto our fields to grow the next crop of rye, maize and grass. This forms a 100% sustainable cycle of green energy and natural fertiliser. 

So, when you choose RocketGro’s peat-free organic gardening products you are helping fuel a cyclical and sustainable process that benefits not only you and your garden, but the whole planet. 

For more information about how RocketGro’s products are made, visit our page here.

Peat-Free compost

Why switch to peat-free?

While peat bogs might not look pretty, they have been dubbed the rainforests of the UK because they absorb and store carbon. The RSPB says “the UK’s peatlands store three times as much carbon as its forests.”


When the peat is extracted, the bog drains and releases the stored carbon back into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. Extraction also damages natural wildlife, killing off the flora and fauna, disrupting the ecosystem. 


Peat moss extraction is not sustainable and with a huge variety of peat-free alternatives there is no reason not to make the change.


So, why are people still buying peat compost?

  • Habit

People buy what they are familiar with

  • Availability 

Most available composts at garden centres contain peat

  • Cost

Peat-free composts have historically been more expensive

  • Ignorance 

People do not know the environmental impact of peat extraction


Peat-free composts are now a winner on every front- thanks to years of research. We’re convinced that once you go peat-free, you won’t go back.

Peat-Free compost

Government regulations on using peat

Peat sales in England and Wales are to be banned by 2024 and ministers aim to end the use of peat in the horticulture sector by 2028.


Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said “peatlands are an incredibly valuable natural resource. They play a crucial role in locking up carbon, provide habitats for wildlife and help with flood mitigation.”


The ban is backed by familiar high-profile gardeners such as Alan Titchmarsh, Kate Bradbury, and James Wong.

Peat-Free Compost

What are the benefits of peat-free


Benefits for the environment:


  • Reduced demand for peat extraction in the market of compost
  • Limit release of harmful greenhouse gases
  • restoration of natural ecosystems surrounding peat bogs

Benefits for you and your garden:


  • RocketGro’s peat-free products are packed with healthy microorganisms that nourish your plants and soil
  • Excellent moisture retention
  • Slow release of nutrients over time, meaning you have to top up your plant beds less frequently
  • Competitive prices compared to peat compost
Organic Carrots

What is the best peat-free compost?




While we might be biased, we think that our products are the best. 


All RocketGro products are Soil Association approved. The Soil Association is the more widely used and trusted standard for organic gardening. That means you can rest assured that only the finest organic ingredients go into your peat-free compost. 


With a range of Organic approved products, whatever your garden needs, we have created a tailored peat-free product to nourish your lawn, beds, baskets, and pots. Boost your yield, give your garden a pop of colour, and rest assured that it is environmentally friendly. 


All RocketGro’s products are partly made from the by-product of renewable energy production in Somerset – great for your garden and even better for the planet.


Dig into our full range of organic peat-free gardening products to make your garden flourish here and learn how RocketGro is made here

Tomato and Veg Planter

Peat-free compost and gardening products

Welcome to the RocketGro collection. Meet the stars of the show:

Discover the full peat-free organic gardening product range here.

Peat-Free Compost

Peat-Free Soil Improver

Want to revitalise tired soil? Our organic Soil Association approved Soil Improver boosts the health of your soil, conditions, and nourishes your beds naturally. This product encourages worms, insects and happy bees that are essential for a balanced ecosystem.

soil improver

Peat-Free Magic Mulch

Perfect for those starting the no-dig method. Our Organic approved Magic Mulch is a natural weed suppressant. Nutrient rich, this peat-free product improves soil health and increases your yield.

Pea-Free Magic Mulch

Peat-Free Luscious Lawn

Feed your lawn for three months with a single spreading of our all-natural Organic approved Luscious Lawn feed. Made from plant material, this peat-free product creates a vibrant lawn.

lawn feed

Peat-Free Ericaceous Compost

Made for acidic-soil-loving plants such as blueberries and rhododendrons, RocketGro’s peat-free Ericaceous Compost is ready to plant straight into. This all-natural nutrient-rich product nourishes your plants for three months without the need to top up.

ericaceous compost

Peat-Free Fruit and Vegetable Compost

RocketGro’s all-natural Fruit & Vegetable Compost supports and nourishes young bushes and trees for three months without the need to top up.

fruit and veg compost

Peat-Free Multi-Purpose Compost

Our finest Multi-Purpose Compost is a nutrient-rich peat-free compost perfect for gardeners looking for high quality products. Easy to work with and bursting with nutrients, this compost produces amazing results in pots, containers, hanging baskets, and planters.

multi purpose compost

Peat-Free Seed & Cutting compost

RocketGro’s all-natural peat-free Seed & Cutting Compost is ideal for planting straight into. Our organic-approved blend provides natural nutrients and minerals, perfect compost seeds, cuttings, and seedlings.

seed and cutting compost

Peat-Free Tomato and Veg Planter

This completely natural grow-bag is the largest on the UK market at 60 litres. Slow-feeding your plants, this product is packed with micronutrients for optimal growth of tomatoes, salads and vegetables. 

tomato and veg planter

So whatever your garden needs, we have an environmentally friendly peat-free product for you. Discover our full range of peat-free organic products here.

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