Liam Alderdice

My mission is to regenerate the land and create a sustainable food system while producing high-quality, nutrient-dense food for my local Cornish community. I aim to empower local families and businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to grow their own veggies at home.

How did you get into gardening?

I believe my first interaction with gardening would have been at my infants school in year 1 so the seed may have been planted early on. I only discovered my passion for growing after traveling in Asia and working on organic farms through WWOOF and Workaway when I was 20 years old.

The first lockdown gave me the time and energy to redesign my parents garden and grow an abundance of salad and vegetables using the permaculture principles. This inspired me to enroll on a permaculture design course and give my best shot at starting a business in the growing industry.

What is your key focus?

My key focus is to provide local families and businesses with the nutrient dense, flavor packed veggies they deserve whilst creating local food security by sharing knowledge and skills to younger generations. To encourage regenerative farming and local food production.

Why are you working with RocketGro?

After visiting Rocketgro HQ I am amazed by the production of Rocketgro and how any byproducts are used in the most effective way possible. Such as the gas produced in the biodigesters is used to power machines on the farm and excess sent to the grid. The permaculture principles prioritize closed looped systems where every outcome has at least one or more uses.

I also love the Rocketgro team and my fellow Rocket Growers. I really feel all of us working together can influence younger and older generations and encourage regenerative and organic farming.

Top tip for a budding gardener

Just give it a go! No matter your experience or location there’s something you can grow be that tomatoes,courgettes outside or microgreens on your windowsill. One small success will inspire you to grow something new. Adding one thing new each year that you enjoy growing/eating will result in lots of knowledge sooner than you think!

Fun Fact…

I am an absolute sucker for Ben And Jerry’s Vegan Ice cream. I will easily sit and inhale a full tub in front of a film or series after a day’s work on the farm.

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