Organic Yellowstone Carrot Seeds


Seeds Organically produced in Cornwall. These seeds produce a remarkable yellow main crop carrot with an excellent flavour both raw and cooked. Slightly tapered with smooth skin and crunchy texture.

  • 500 seeds per packet average
  • Sow by May 2025


Grow carrots in the miscellaneous section of your rotation.  They do best in a deep, rich, fine soil so some ground preparation (from around March) may be required. Avoid freshly manured, stony or very wet ground. The first sowings undercover in a greenhouse or polytunnel can give you an early crop but do not be tempted to start them off too early outside. May is generally the best month.

If planting outside, sow seeds in a bed with fine, well worked soil undercover from May to August. Sprinkle the seed thinly into shallow drills and cover with fine soil. Thin the seedlings as they grow to leave a distance of 5 or 6 cm. Be sure to keep the plot free from weeds.

Early undercover sowings will be ready around July. Late maincrops will be ready from September onwards.

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