Organic Chard Fireworks (Five Colors)


Organically grown in Cornwall. These seeds produce a lovely mixture of various coloured stems in pink, red. orange, yellow and white. Tasty spinach like leaves which can be picked young as baby leaf salad.

  • 200 seeds per packet average
  • sow by May 2024


Grow in the miscellaneous section of your rotation. Chard does not like very acidic soil so liming may be required. Compost or other organic matter will also help your crop.
Sow the seed into well-prepared ground from March until August. Scatter in rows about 1 cm deep and 30 cm between the rows.

Thin the seedlings to around 20cm apart as they grow. It is a good idea to make at least 2 sowings during the season to ensure a good supply. Chards are biennial and so are much less likely to go up to seed than true spinach. However, in hot weather or very dry conditions it can bolt. This can be a particular problem with spring-sown crops. Watering well will help to prevent this.

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