Organic Beetroot Chioggia Seeds


Seeds Organically produced in Cornwall. Chioggia is a mild flavoured traditional Italian beetroot with pink skin and white flesh with attractive pink rings. The taste is sweet.

  • 200 seeds per packet average
  • Sow by May 2025


Sow direct into a well-prepared planting site from March until July. Make shallow drills and sprinkle the seed about 2 cm apart. Cover with fine soil.

You should allow about 30 cm between rows. Thin the seedlings to about 8-10 cm apart. Succession sow throughout the season to keep you well supplied.

You can start beetroot off in modules inside and they can be multisown. To do this put a pinch of seed in each module and plant out as a bunch.

They will grow happily together, pushing out from the centre, although the individual beets will be smaller. Harvest baby beets at the size of a golf ball and main crop ones at about tennis ball size. Any bigger and they are likely to get woody.

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