Magic Mulch

Our organic mulch is not just a mulch! It is a soil improver, soil conditioner, and natural fertiliser rich in N:P:K, and completely weed seed free. Magic Mulch is a Peat free wonder product that is far superior to your average compost. The fibre in the mulch is broken down Maize, Rye and Grass that gives it a wonderful texture that adds to its organic soil improving benefits.

Magic Mulch

No Dig Gardening

When using Magic Mulch as a no dig surface Mulch, we recommend a decent layer evenly spread over the surface of your soil, at about 3cm thickness, and not to heavily pile up the Mulch around the base of your plants. The worms and rain will work this into your beds.
Magic Mulch will slow release its bio-active nutrients into the surrounding soil over 3 months for superior results.


Digging Over

When digging over a bed pre planting, we recommend using a 50 litre bag of Magic Mulch per two square metres and digging in well to the soil for great long term results. The health of your soil will receive a welcome nutritional boost that lasts.

Supercharge Your

Beds & Borders

When bedding in new plants to a flower bed, or planting young trees, we recommend a 1:2 Magic Mulch to soil mix.  For leaf mould or compost we also recommend adding Magic Mulch on a 1:2 ratio to get the best balance between feeding and support for your plants.

Boost the yield of your

Pots, boxes & hanging baskets

When preparing your pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets, for an added nourishment and fibre boost to you potting mix, add some Magic Mulch! We recommend added Magic Mulch to your potting mix at a ratio of 1:2. Adding Perlite to the mix is also a great way to help drainage. Due to the fact that our Mulch is so full of powerful nutrients, you will not need to add more than that to your mix.