Magic Mulch

Our Organic Mulch is not just a Mulch! It is a soil improver, soil conditioner, and natural fertiliser rich in N:P:K 4-2-6, and completely weed seed free. Magic Mulch is a Peat-free wonder product that is far superior to your average Mulch. The fibre in our Mulch is composted down Maize, Rye and Grass that gives it a wonderful texture that adds to its Organic soil improving benefits. Slugs don’t like it but worms love it!

Magic Mulch

No Dig Gardening

When using Magic Mulch as a no dig surface Mulch, we recommend a decent layer evenly spread over the surface of your soil, at about 1 inch thickness, and not to heavily pile up the Mulch around the base of your plants. A 50 litre bag should cover 10 SQ FT. The birds, worms and rain will work this into your beds.
Magic Mulch will slow release its bio-active nutrients into the surrounding soil over 3 months for superior results. Magic Mulch is too rich to use around freshly planted seedlings or salads.


Digging Over

When digging over a bed pre planting, we recommend using a 50 litre bag of Magic Mulch per 10 SQ FT and digging in well to the soil for great long term results. The health of your soil will receive a welcome nutritional boost that lasts.

Supercharge Your

Beds & Borders

When bedding in new plants to a flower bed, or planting young trees, we recommend a 1:2 Magic Mulch to soil mix.  For leaf mould or compost we also recommend adding Magic Mulch on a 1:2 ratio to get the best balance between feeding and support for your plants.

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