WASTE Recycling &

Green Energy

RocketGro products are brought to life through the process of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). We feed Rye, Maize, and Grass into our BioGas AD plant, this is then broken down by natural bacteria that produces Gas. We also input food waste into another section of the BioGas AD plant to produce Gas but this is kept separate from the production of RocketGro.

What Happens Next

Organic Products

Once the Rye, Maize, and Grass has gone through our Anaerobic Digestor, what is left is called ‘Digestate’ and this is separated into a fibre and a liquid.

The renewable gas then gets pumped into the national grid to heat 8000 homes. We also generate electricity from some of this gas as well and this powers our farm, and our electric vehicles. This means that all RocketGro products are produced using renewable energy. 

The RocketGro team then bag up the fibre and bottle up the liquid to produce our wonderful products. 

Peat-Free Magic Mulch


Our Mulch really is the Magic ingredient that all gardeners should have in their garden sheds to boost plant health and productivity.

Peat-Free Plant Fuel

£5.99 – £11.99

Give your plants, veg and flowers an added boost at any time of the year with our completely organic liquid plant food.