Plant Fuel


Plant Fuel is a chemical free liquid feed with high levels of essential N:P:K and bio ready nutrients that will enrich your soil and get straight to the plant roots to boost their vitality and growth. Plant Fuel will give your plants a stunning and noticeable growth boost! Successful Organic gardening should always involve adding a quality Organic liquid plant food to your weekly watering routine. Say no to chemicals! This a concentrate and every bottle goes a long way!




Detailed Information

Our naturally produced liquid plant feed is a 100% chemical free natural liquid fertilizer, produced in Somerset, and the liquid by product of our gas and electricity production that farmers call digestate. The biodegrading process used to generate the gas at our anaerobic digestion facility, enriches the liquid with rich levels of N:P:K and natural nutrients. Farmers across the region have been spreading our digestate liquid and fibre on their land for years, as an eco-friendly, natural fertiliser which has proved as effective as chemical fertiliser without the negatives that using chemicals have for nature and wildlife.

We are Trusted

We’re approved by the Soil Association – this means our products are of the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. The Soil Association standards are the most widely used, recognised and trusted Organic standards. Therefore we are approved for Organic growers.

Soil Association




Using Our PLant Fuel

Your plant fuel can be easily added to the water in your watering can and because it contains no chemical additives, is safe to use around pets and children. Shake bottle well before use. We recommend adding two caps full to your standard sized 10 litre watering can and then fill up with water so that it is mixed well, and use once a week for your garden. For your indoor plants once every two weeks is best. As with all watering, we recommend watering at early morning or dusk and not in full sunshine.


We deliver throughout the UK by Parcel Force. We charge P&P on a per item basis. For UK mainland orders if you order more than £20 of product after any coupon discount, we will give you FREE P&P on your order. For deliveries to Northern Ireland, Highlands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, and Isles of Scilly there is a fixed postage fee for all orders of any size.
For all orders, we will do our best to get your order to you within 3 workings days.
We use Parcel Force using their 24 hour and 48 hour service.
We try hard to minimise our usage of packaging materials. All the boxes we use are 100% recycled cardboard that we then re use again, and we use biodegradable packing tape and eco friendly brown paper bubble wrap whenever possible.