Multi-Purpose Potting Compost 50L – 80 Bags Pallet


This is a pallet 80x50l bags with 55% off!

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A nutrient-rich Peat-free Multi-Purpose Potting mix for Organic growers.

Our superior blend compost is the perfect mix for gardeners wanting a high quality professional standard product with which to use in their Pots, Containers, Window Boxes, Planters & Hanging Baskets, and for planting out. Our tried and tested balance of all-natural compost and soil improver will genuinely give you superior results. Finely graded texture that makes it a joy to work with, and so full of nutrients and supportive fibre that you will see amazing results. We believe this product is superior to compost that contains peat. Not suitable for seeds, cuttings & young seedlings.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% chemical-free and peat-free
  • 100% Organic approved
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Perfect balance of nutrients & NPK 3.2-1.3-3.4
  • Optimum air pockets for your plant roots
  • Ideal water retaining fibre addition
  • Feeds for 3 months

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Detailed Information

We have blended carefully sourced certified green composted waste with the best soil improver we have ever produced to give you the perfect mix for your gardening needs. Produced in Somerset we import nothing to make our products, and we are proud to be 100% British. 100% sustainable and eco-friendly, our BlackGold product is a wonder product that will give you increased success in your garden, your green house and when potting your plants. Naturally produced and a product that truly gives back.


Whatever your gardening needs, green house, on your allotment, with your pots, containers, beds and baskets, BlackGold will be a reliable and trusted friend. To give your plants the best support they could wish for use Multi-Purpose BlackGold. Bio-active and freshly bagged with a wonderful texture. Ready to plant straight into and ideal as a follow on compost, a fine supportive growing medium that gives plants a 3 month feed minimum. Not suitable for seeds and young seedlings.



Soil Association


We are Trusted

We’re approved by the Soil Association – this means our products are of the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. The Soil Association standards are the most widely used, recognised and trusted Organic standards. Therefore we are approved for Organic growers.

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